Welcome to the Osprey Measurement Systems Community

Welcome to the Osprey Measurement Systems Community


Osprey Measurement Systems partners include the world's most experienced and knowledgeable instrumentation and monitoring specialists working on the world's largest and most exciting projects. The Osprey Measurement Systems Community is a place for you to share and explore users experiences, applications, challenges, successes, tips and tricks. 

All Osprey partners have access to the Community and all posts are visible to other partners with the intention of providing a forum to discuss Osprey Measurement Systems products and geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring in general. 

Ask a Question

Raise any general questions you may have regarding the instruments, their applications, installation and data conversion. If you need specific assistance, don't forget to contact our support team for immediate support. If we feel the question and response would benefit the wider community we may create an anonymous post here so others can benefit from our experiences. Questions might include:
  • "Do I need an IPX to monitor the datum magnet?"
  • "Has anyone installed an IPX up-hole in the crown of a tunnel?"
  • "What do the x, y and z axis measurements mean?"

Propose an Idea

If you have any suggestions or requests for developments we're keen to hear them. Our improvement action request (IAR) form is used to provide specific feedback for product or process improvements, but the Community offers a place to discuss high level development requests, installation tips or tricks or interesting potential applications.
  • "Lots of projects requiring an IPX with a settlement range of (x)"
  • "A lower cost HSS with sensors every 2m"
  • "Our efficient methodology for extending the IPX through fill"

Make an Announcement

Post about any experiences you had with OMS products, jobs you've won, case studies of interesting applications or smart use of the data. Osprey will issue announcements to provide you with up to date information on product releases, firmware versions, changes and improvements. You can opt out of notifications under your user settings.

  • "How we used the IPX to monitor a slope"
  • "Analysis of cost savings made by automating settlement profiles"
  • "Contract won! IPX to be used on new bridge abutment"

We're up for anything!

Don't feel the need to restrict your discussions to only Osprey products. Users are free to discuss anything you feel the Community may be interested in or may be able to assist you with.
  • "We've just won xyz contract! Does anyone have a site engineer available for secondment for six months?"
  • "Monitoring stress in a load distribution pad- what are your experiences?"
  • "We're moving to a new premises. If you're in the country, come check it out!"

As a Community, our vision is a collaborative and supportive environment. This means keeping posts and responses civil and constructive, respecting contributors' confidentiality and acting in the best interest of the industry as a whole.

We look forward to your input.